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June 29th, 2011, 19:19
Didn't read the whole article, but I feel compelled to correct a couple of things mentioned in the snipet Dhruin posted:

Advancing you health and combat skills IS part of character advancement, is it not? I'm not sure what the author thinks character advancement is, but apparently in his mind it doesn't include gaining additional skills…. which is absurd.

Your defenses are not limited to tumbling. There is a blocking mechanic utilized for every character and is effective.

The game being broken up into chapters is fact, and of course whether that's good or not is personal opinion. I prefer a fully functional "save" mechanic, but barring that, I prefer games to be broken up into chapters. It bugs me that a lot of games I've played recently feature an auto-save that overwrites all the way through the game - you can't go back and play "that one cool part." So at least in my opinion, the chapter thing is a plus, not a negative.
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