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June 29th, 2011, 21:01
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
i just wish it had less dungeon crawling in the end
The part I quoted out of context comes up quite often … and I find it slightly unfair. How often do we read something like "the dungeon crawling in the good old times was great, I wish more modern games offered it"? Even many Gothic fans wanted much bigger dungeons, at least as big as the final dungeon in Gothic.
Risen delivered this. PB listened to their fans and built enormous dungeons, all by hand. They were of high quality, far better than all the generated crap. And what do they get?
"It was too much!" - Really? But many vocal RPG fans claimed they wanted this. Maybe they once again didn't actually know what they really want?
"There was nothing left to do in the outside world" - Maybe, but nobody forced you to finish everything outside before you enter the mountain.

So I guess the lesson to learn is that no matter what RPG fans say, what they really want is faked dungeons they can finish within 30 minutes.
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