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June 30th, 2011, 00:04
They've been trying to pass that law (or one like it) for YEARS here in Utah - in spite of the fact that our AG (a gamer who has appeared on TV ads for the ESRB - and also picketed a local game company releasing a violent game "as a private citizen") warned them that though he'd do his best to defend it, he expected it to lose on Constitutional grounds.

Political party affiliation doesn't seem to matter - they all want to be a nanny state and tell us how to live our lives, what games we should play, what shows we should watch, etc.

One of the variants of the law they tried to pass would have made me a potential felon just for having non-rated games on my website - and punished under an anti-pornography law. Another would have made me potentially subject to jail time for letting my own daughter play a rated M game that I thought was appropriate.

Sure, by the time these bills made it into law, they may have been worded differently to take care of these problems, but these same idiots who have no clue what they are legislating have a habit of coming in later and amending an existing law with new language with little fanfare.

Oh - and to top it all off. One of these bills passed through committee - after having the retail merchants association telling them just what a chilling effect it would have on both game developers that supply lots of jobs in the state, as well as retail stores which provide even more. Once they were gone, they committee marked a checkbox on the form that said that they were unaware of any economic impact that would result from the bill.

Yeah. Lie, deceive, whatever it takes - all they want is a talking point for "family values" to help them win reelection.

So yeah. Half of these guys are evil, and the other half are just clueless. I'm not sure which is worse, but I'm glad we've got Constitutional limits in place to limit the damage these jokers can do.

I hope other countries with more restrictive videogame laws will follow suit and ease up.
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