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June 30th, 2011, 01:04
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Don't believe the hype, DNF isn't that bad. I finished it earlier this week, and it's about on par with most of the shooters we've received the last few years. It sucks badly if you compare it to DN3D though.
I agree - there are some calling it the 'worst game ever', which it clearly isn't. But it isn't so great, either … my review is here.

My biggest problem is that it doesn't know what it is trying to do or what sort of game it is trying to be so ends up feeling like a flailing mess.

As an old school shooter it fails as you say. As a new shooter it fails to deliver either depth of gameplay or the 'cinematic experience'. The new style weapons limits are braindead. Multiplayer is a joke. If you thought the driving sequences in Half-Life 2 were over-long, they are nothing compared to these - along with the stupid 'out of gas' stuff.

Again, not that bad, but I would put it below Postal 2 as an 'inappropriate humor fun' game, and below the level of Chrome as a shooter, with ~2004 graphics.
-- Mike
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