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June 30th, 2011, 14:38
I'm not making the argument that TFT is an RPG. It's not. My idea of a ROLE-playing game is that character advancement is determined by selecting skills that will direct your character a certain path at the expense of other skills. If you can achieve all skills by the game's end, you haven't really chosen a role have you?

My complaint with this article maybe is the wording, and so as such is trivial. Nonetheless, RPG-ing aside, the wording makes no sense here: "..but it is used as currency to buy more health orbs or learn more combos and defensive moves instead of for character advancement."

Again, that makes no sense, because what he is talking about IS character advancement. Additional health and combat skills are an integral part of character advancement in any game, including RPGs. Sure, you might be able to invest in other skills in an RPG, like knitting, or whatever, but a stronger, more agile, more dangerous character still remains at the core of character advancement.
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