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June 30th, 2011, 17:22
A valley of illusions. It gave jobs though.

First question: can or can not this kind of regulation happen? After answering that question, the next question is to be: must or must not this kind of regulation happen?

The answer to the first question was in case of the video games industry: yes, it can happen but with a lot of pain. A lot of.

At this point, the second question is biased as the answer "this kind of regulation must happen" is barely practicable as people wont suffer that amount of self inflicted pain.

A comedy show to keep the face. But it gave jobs to people who had to paint the topic so that the outcome 'it must not be regulated' appears as the reasonable answer.

Been the same for ages. Guys coming up with abolishing slavery were great initiators of this kind of show. Yes, it could be abolished but with many, many people taking hair cuts so in the end, it had not to be abolished. The fake discussion gave jobs so what, who cares?

Nothing real but the pretense to be real.
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