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July 1st, 2011, 07:46
Lol @ Couchpotato's smileys.

As Curious mentioned, the devs never claimed TFT was an RPG, so criticizing its so-called poorly done RPG elements is silly. I think the confusion might have been spawned by a certain press release that, if I remember correctly, defined the game as an action-adventure with RPG elements. Again, the statement is true, and clearly designed to promote the game to a broader audience. Nothing wrong with that, until people change the statement in their own minds to mean that the game is supposed to be an RPG.

The RPG-like elements this game has is 1) the setting 2) character advancement 3) loot 4) quests (mainly one large one broken up into smaller ones by chapter).

The reason it's still not an RPG is because none of those elements are developed to the point of qualifying. As mentioned, there is character advancement, but the characters are pre-determined and their roles cannot be altered. While there is loot of sorts, there is no economic system. The story itself is a quest, but the path is completely linear, so no choices.

I haven't quite finished the game - I got sidetracked by Alice: Madness Returns. Though TFT is an admirable achievement for a start up developer, Alice is definitely worth spending more money on than TFT. I'd like to write a review on Alice, but at the rate I'm trudging through it, everyone will have played it already!
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