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July 1st, 2011, 10:59
The effort put to maintain the RPG elements story is impressive. Done the fish bowl way, without considering what happens when validated through application to other genres.

I already noticed the story about gear in another article that aims to achieve the same in terms of RPGness because one game, a shooter, had a developped weapons system customization. So as the game was definitively not a RPG, it means that gear customization was not that RPG element.

Very funny. Yet evolutive gear has been part of RPGing for a long time now, with enchanted weapons, poisoned weapons, crafted weapons etc

When reading this kind of articles, always the same feeling: it shows a deep contempt for other genres, implicitly stating that RPG is kind of the mother of all genres and other genres are unable to evolve without borrowing from RPG.

Assisted aiming exists for other games, it is old. Playing a shoot'em up from the 1990s and they probably feature homing missiles.
A beat'em up like The Warriors feature differences between members of the gang.
Some excell at thrashing, others at thugging, others at robbing etc…

It is the same mix between players skills and characters skills. Thugging a dealer with Rembrant is hard, easy with Ajax.

Same goes for a series like ISS Pro, it is easier to score a goal with good finishing rather than poor. Yet it can be bettered by the player's skills.

The non sense keeps going. The mix between characters' skills and player's skills is no more a defining element for RPG than it is for a football series like ISS Pro.

Again, big confusion between means and ends. The character skills system allows to represent what the character is supposed to be. Well known issue in RPG. If the player is a physician and his character a first year student in medecine, poor RP leads the player to transfer knowledge unknown to the character. Stats allows to correct this by forcing a dice roll (unneeded if the RP is good)
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