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July 1st, 2011, 10:09
This RPG elements story is crazy. Kudos to people who spread it. It is very impressive. Other genres can not evolve out without borrowing from RPG.

A football game. Players on the pitch have different attributes, some are faster, some are stronger, some have good passing, some have good finishing.

Standard procedure to deal with the situation: set up a scale so that the differences are materialized.
Without knowning, while working to tackle a very basic demand in his game, this game designer has included an RPG element.

Now, players grows more at ease as they play more matchs. Designer includes the possibility to distribute points to attributes. Without knowing, he has another RPG element.

This is the crazy story told by the RPG elements tribe. Scorn for other genres.

Character advancement is just an element that can be used in many genres to serve a purpose. Useless to connect it with RPG everytime it appears.

Character advancement is not even needed in RPGing. It happens because characters are often rookies at start, who are bound to progress.

RPGing can feature mature characters who wont progress.
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