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July 2nd, 2011, 11:03
I played about 10 levels of Duke Nukem Forever but got bored. I started at hard difficulty but frankly the game isn't that interesting to be worth the effort so now I play it on the easiest difficulty just to get through the game. It's not the "worst game ever", but it's not up to par with the better First-Person games such as the recent Call of Duty games and Portal.

So I moved back to Fallout New Vegas which I play at 110% now. I cannot agree with ToddMcF2002 at all and wonder what he is playing… I have played more than 50 hours and haven't even set my foot inside Vegas yet… All I do is explore and explore and explore. Even when I do the most basic tasks like "go there, grab that", I encounter so much on the way that I end up spending hours extra on spot just to explore everything around the location I was supposed to go to. I can't remember when I last played a RPG this packed with content, it's up to par with Gothic 3 in that regard.
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