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July 2nd, 2011, 17:26

Ok, so right at the start jsut head straight south out of town, cross the bridge, then make your way NE up to the store with the bard outside it. Pay him for a song, when the wizard exits run in and loot the id5 dagger and spellbook from him.

You could go back and do the newbie dungeon now, or you could find some potions of poison and a bow and head straight down south to the elf forest. Poison your bow and take out some ogres and fire beatles kiting them with poison. 15,000xp each, you should get to 10 in 2 minutes. Head all the way south and grab the unique gloves from the funeral pyre then back up NE and grab the 2h sword out of the stone (optional).

Now you're off to a strong start. That newbie dungeon will be cakewalk.

edit: you dont need to max lockpicking. get to 2 or 3, the rest can be found via quests/items. The same as a bunch of stuff, If I recall.
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