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July 2nd, 2011, 20:01
Originally Posted by Khalus View Post
Beyond my better judgement and dislike of SOE in general, I started playing EQII Extended, and I'm quite enjoying it. {Its free so ya know…} There is a great deal more to quests and talking with NPCs than most MMOs have and quite a few class customizations that I'm enjoying a lot!

Only playing on the Bronze lvl for now, and while Silver may be tempting later on when I may need to purchase items from the broker or carry more gold & items, for now I'm content. That and Silver also lets you talk in the various chat channels, but meh…its been mostly solo thus far so not a big deal!
I used to really like EQ II. I don't play much MMO anymore, but that was one of my favorites. Huge amounts of content, decent character types and a nice range of difficulty.
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