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July 4th, 2011, 11:36
Originally Posted by TheMadGamer View Post
Is Neverwinter just Neverwinter Nights 3? Or is this an entirly different game with a different kind of gameplay?
My guess is that it's Star Trek Online with swords and a non-Reverse the polarity of the Particle Of The Week magic system whilst stranded on planet medieval. They've been rolling out iterations of their mission editor in that game for the last six months, have currently got a whole ground combat overhaul in testing, and have been doing the release of 'seasons of weekly episodes' (think modules) in that game for what must be more than a year now, and have just started doing the same in episodic thing in Champions.

That implies it's running on the same server cluster as Star Trek and Champions, with party based combat similar to whatever Star Trek is running at Neverwinter launch so you use your own party of characters you've built up, unless you're grouped with another player, with a time-limited pause designed to be used *rarely* and a switch between a more shooter style mode, and a more rpg style mode with individual party member placement and stuff.

Main competitor would be Dungeons and Dragons Online, so assume a combination of the pricing scheme for that game and the one for Champions yeah a variant of the named by marketeers MMO 'Free to Play' model with the key selling points being 'a party you control', 'design your own adventure', and a new mission from Cryptic a week whilst a module is running, with downtime between modules.

Looking at that it could be a pretty fun game but then I have the poor taste to actually like Star Trek Online but whether it's D&D, or Neverwinter, the Droids anyone is looking for, or even strictly speaking an RPG at all, is quite another matter matter.
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