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July 4th, 2011, 14:23
Thanks for the quick replies guys

Alrik, I thought that DKS has been around for well over 6 months now? Normally "new" PC games sell for about 25 (thats what I paid for Witcher 2 on day 1) then in about 3/4 months time, prices drops to about 10 - 15 range here in UK. That's what I meant "expensive for an old game".

Dhruin, yes Steam is selling it for 20 and that's with 33% discount, so I doubt if they will reduce it even further. I am going to wait for couple of days to see if they drop the price or someone here know where I can get it for cheaper and they will buy it.

Gorath, I don't mind paying 20 for good game but I have spent lot of money on games recently so trying to save a bit I got the demo last week from the developer website. It even has button for the expansion but when you click on it you see an ad for it. So you reckon even this demo is outdated?
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