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July 4th, 2011, 20:28
Originally Posted by Ovenall View Post
I tried out a few persistent worlds in NWN and to this day I am puzzled by them.

It was like playing in an extremely rudimentary world of warcraft. Or a chat room with very elaborate avatars. I don't understand the appeal… But as I say, we're all just moving pixels around a screen, so to each his own.
The most recent dungeon and dragons based CRPGs have generally seemed to be, in part at least, products of a misunderstanding of what critics meant when they said great games like Planescape Torment and Baldur's Gate II "captured the essence and feel of the pen and paper experience." Any sane person with more than 8 brain cells would infer they were probably talking about the idea of choice or at least the idea that the player's growth and actions could have epic meaningful impact on the story; or really anything else even remotely along those lines. SOME of those behind NWN 1 and 2 as well as this completely different team seem to have assumed that sort of praise was talking about how these games recreated the rules and spread-sheet-like character systems from the pen-and-paper games. This is what happens when people born to be tax attorneys are allowed to make games.

This concernhinges on how seriously they desire to remain as faithful as possible to the rules of the DnD edition du jour. DnD rules systems are not well suited for multiplayer video games despite some of the splendid single player games that have used them. And yes, I realize the irony that a rules system specifically designed for "multiplayer" pen and paper rpg sessions turns out to be awful for multiplayer CRPGs and great for single player ones.
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