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July 5th, 2011, 13:48
I thought Durlag's Tower was exceptionally well done, I just wish it had been incorporated into the story. The rest of the expansion I found pretty 'meh'. I did appreciate the higher levels for my characters (though I'd removed the level cap via mod before) as the first time I played through, I was unable to beat Sarevok in any way shape or form.

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At the time, I preferred BG (+totsc). Played through that at least 7 times in relatively short succession. I prefer the open exploration and sense of vulnerability that the low levels bring - each advancement is a huge step in power.

BG2 though I find easier to go back to these days - not just in the higher resolution, but it starts off with a faster pace and you already feel quite powerful from the beginning - plus there are more differences in different play-throughs according to class and companion choices etc.
I prefer low level character games, so I find myself going back to BG1 (via tutu) the most, though I almost always play through BG2 anyway! I think what I liked most about BG1 was that it is a far more bright and vibrant world. It's also 'clean.' BG2 is dark and dingy for most of the game, which, while probably more 'realistic', puts me in a dour mood. BG1's color scheme reminded me of the joy I got playing the old Ultima's and other games of the time.

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