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July 6th, 2011, 21:10
In nearly all RPGs the difficulty levels aren't important for me. Because, I choose the highest difficulty level possible. Nightmare, very hard, insane, you name it. I like my RPGs challenging. Whether they have action or tactical gameplay. Especially at the beginning of the game. I have to reload again and again in some battles, I have to be scared going out of the first village. For me fun comes with the challange. I love Witcher 2 because of that, very hard at the beginning.

I'm not against "easy" difficulty for newbies or who doesn't like to be challenged, but I really hate when game's general difficulty (whether it's in the "easy" or "hard") is lowered by devs in order to avoid general complaining.

Right now I'm looking forward to play Dark Souls (for my Xbox 360, no PC version I'm afraid). I don't have a PS3 so I haven't play Demon's Souls (First game in the series - PS3 Exclusive). But all the reviews in the internet said first game was hard and second game will be as hard as the first one.
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