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July 9th, 2011, 09:45
That is one of the major issues I have with a lot of RPGs and which the Gothics (and Risen) implemented very nicely: unsheathing your weapon in public or running around looting NPC houses should really raise some eyebrows. Mind you, the actual implementation in Gothic was quite flawed in places but it still adds so much to my feeling of immersion when I see people reacting to my actions. TW2 landed somewhere in the middle in this regard but I really liked that NPCs didn't treat Geralt as if had a giant "Hero" sign over his head.

Hopefully, the new Quest will be interesting. Troll Trouble was rather well done, I think. Still, I can't see me repeatedly coming back to specific parts of the game if they continue to release these small bits of content every few months.
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