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July 9th, 2011, 13:26
Originally Posted by aries100 View Post
Didn't Baldur's Gate (the first one) have npcs react as in the Gothic series? I've always wondered why Geralt were able to go into anyone's house and just take their stuff…
You can trace the feature back even further than that. Ultima VII had consequences for actions like this in your party and also in the way house owners would react to your presence if you tried to pilfer something. This isn't a new idea by any means, but I agree with posters about the brilliant way the Gothic series implemented it.
It also makes particular sense for Gothic, due to the nature of the harsh world that it illustrates.
I can only echo the sentiment that hopefully the Witcher will follow suit at some point, because not enough cRPGs have this kind of reactivity - and to think it started so long ago! (Thus a point well made, Skavenhorde)
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