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July 10th, 2011, 09:56
Fruitful observation.

This game in reviews has more or less suffered from a biased approach.

The extract on the story is spot on. The reviewer starts from his personal experience (he did not get hooked on it) and underlines a possible cause by linking to players who have not played the first episode (this episode does a poor job at introducing the universe)

Fruitful observation to know that he reviewed the first episode and therefore is aware of the general universe as the first episode was a presentation of it.

Again, blatant dishonesty to introduce oneself for someone who one is not.

I played 2 just after finishing 1. Clearly, 2 is a follow up to 1. If I did not get hooked on the story, I would have looked for other causes than poor presentation of the universe.
If I tried to put myself in the shoes of people who did not played the first episode, I could only have done it by tapping in my own experience, which would lead me to say that the game story, the plot are well understood with the story of the first episode in mind.

So a reviewer who experience two situations at the same: having playing the first game and not having played the first game.

The Witcher 2 is really good information. Combat takes a lot of flak when being a fair representation of what light armoured combat could be.

Quotes like :

When up against a large group, there will inevitably be a ton of running around in circles using ranged attacks and bombs (a practice commonly known as kiting), which gets old very fast.
I played first run as an alchemist (few combat enhancement) and there was not inevitably tons of running around in circles and bombs.
Basically, this guy is stuck in the mind attrition based approach which does not suit well light armoured combat.
When getting used to the targeting system which provides unpredicability, it becomes a matter of mastering space and reasses position on battle field at every second to deliver highest damage possible at a given location. It is about making the combat the shortest possible, in opposition to attrition when the combat is expected to be dragged as possible.

The Witcher 2 reception delivers insightful pieces. Developpers are limited in their freedom to deliver a system as players try to repeat what they like in previous systems. Designing a mobile character should be done with the thought that players will not play it as a mobile character but rather a static character fitted for attrition.

It has consequences of RPG as it is doubtful that players would bear the requirements dictated by RPing. Because roles come with unbypassable requirements and therefore grow old fast enough.
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