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July 10th, 2011, 18:20
Heavy spoilers (if you haven't read the books yet and still plan to do it, don't read this), if that, at that point, still matters to you:

First of, the games are a continuation of the story in all 7 books. Everything that happened in the books is true in the games too. In fact, the games are filled with references to all kinds of information from the books, let alone, that it's set in the same world. CDP did a wonderful job at that. More often than not, they stayed true to the books. I've read them all and am very pleased.

Here's my theory/understanding concerning the wild hunt: A major part of the books is about Ciri, the last (?) descendant of Lara Dorren (referenced in the games all the time, there are even several books about her in Witcher 1). Her genetic makeup is considered to be very special. Long story short: It's part of her ability, to travel between worlds. Everyone is after her and wants to possess/control her to have this power himself. This is connected with Geralt, because he found Ciri as a child and protected her, he basically became her father (and Yennefer was basically the mom - even Triss Merigold liked/cared for Ciri) and they became very important to each other. At Kaer Morhen, the witchers even gave Ciri the witcher training (without the mutations though), so she's capable of fighting like them, without their speed.
There's a scene in the books, where Ciri has to flee into another world/dimension and she becomes prisoner of certain elves. Their leader wants to have kids with her, because of her gift/genes. Ciri naturally isn't very happy about this and just wants to be free/go her own way. She wants to escape from these elves and when she even learns, that the elves of this world murdered all the humans, nothing holds her back and she successfully flees.

Since we know learned, that the wild hunt are in some connection with elves from another world, I assume it's those elves, who always wanted to possess Ciri and use her to their own ends. If that's true, it makes perfect sense, that the wild hunt is basically a search party to find Ciri and get her back.
Geralt and Yennefer are both very important to Ciri and vice versa, so it's only logical that pursuing them could be a method to find Ciri by exploiting that bond and/or force her out of hiding. Maybe the elves even believe, that Geralt knows where Ciri is and might lead them to her.
I think there's a lot to this theory, since it makes more and more sense, the longer I think about it.

Of course there's more (especially the parts concerning story from the books), but it's enough text as it is.

PS: This is even consistent with The Witcher 1, because at the end The Wild Hunt appears and wants Jaques de Aldersberg (who is also of the elder blood!) and if Geralt refuses, the wraith has to be fought…
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