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July 11th, 2011, 09:35
Originally Posted by Malkavian View Post
The fact that there are many characters and locations is what makes it cool and is what creates a rich world suited for a good RPG in the first place.
If characters, story and locations aren't for him, maybe he shouldn't play RPGs.
This is stated as being of his tastes. He enjoys diving into huge lore. The issues he had is that TW2 might be a real follow up that requires to play the first episode for the story to be easily caught on.

Contrary to what the reviewer claimed, neither him or me are in position to tell on this point without a serious investigation that I doubt he will deliver. It must be told also that he has not finished the first game so he does not know fully the story, the locations, the stakes introduced in the first game.

For players who played the first episode, all that can be said at first hand is that the story in 2 follows the story in 1.

Does the story of 2 stand alone enough if you dont play TW1? Players who never play TW1 are in a better position to tell. Is the game making enough of introduction work or rely too much on prior knowledge?
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