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July 11th, 2011, 17:43
Yeah, this point is ambiguous, I give you that, but it's said throughout the game how "special" and "strong" he is (in his ability as a source). Triss Merigold also starts to explain what the elder blood is to Geralt (in her house in the trade quarter), after Alvin was brought to her etc…
This definitely points to him as being a descendant. Why else put in all the hints. The game's story would have worked just as well without that.

And the list just contains all the characters from the books, who were confirmed as descendants of Lara.

It also makes sense to me why CDP would be careful to change/add stuff to the lore of the books, they were always very respectful in their handling of it. Leaving such points ambiguous would then definitely be the preferred choice.
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