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July 13th, 2011, 10:41
First of all, I noticed that there's no introduction thread, so that everyone would introduce him/herself, to greet and welcome, so I thought of creating one. this will be less "Post New Threads".

Lastly, hello…

I'm Thanos from Greece. My nickname is a Japanese version of my real name and in japanese it also means "Greed".

in professions, I'm multitalented. I'm a DJ, a music producer and a graphic designer. I'm a Kendo 1st dan athlete. I'm training Kendo for about 3 years. I also do drawings, but not too good.

I'm also a writer and I'm currently writing a dark lore novel regarding the War of Heavens and the conflict between the Angels. This novel is based of my dreams. Don't ask me. i do have the Lovecraftian Effect, and I'm seeing worlds I have NEVER seen in my life, and I'm so happy to experience such dreams and nightmares. They aren't making me afraid, instead I'm enjoying them…

I do know English, Greek(my Native) and Japanese.

As a gamer, I'm playing games since 4-years-old! Fortunatelly, I started only with retro quality games, such as Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Monster Bash, Prince of Persia, Goblins, and a lot of Atari games. I have half of the consoles, and I'm willing to find and buy the rest of the consoles. I hope one day to make my house into a small museum. Since I firstly started the RPG games, I loved their story, and still love them, especially the Japanese ones, because the Japanese peopple are very good with the RPG element, especially the comedy type. That's why I'm nowadays a RPG fan and collector. When I was young, I had not the economical power to buy them. Now I do have this and I want to collect all.

The ball goes on you…
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