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July 14th, 2011, 13:00
Originally Posted by JemyM View Post
Friends pop by almost every night now to play Magicka. Feels like when I had an Amiga as a young teenager and friends wanted to play Golden Axe… It's so damn fun on multiple players, perhaps the best couch co-op game out there. We search for ultimate combos and hunt for achievements while slowly dragging ourselves through the story.
When reading this (golden Axe, co-op, amiga) it felt similar to a direct injection with nostalgia (if that sentence makes any sense) :-) But the game we played (decadently) most back in the day was SWOS, with simple digital joysticks and one button we were masters at it

On topic: playing new vegas now too, on the ps3 (found little bugs so far, except on the air-force base and with the gun runner guy disappearing). Don't know how many hours, but definitely less than 96. It was hard to get into at first, I felt a bit lost with what to do, but then I got addicted by the time I got to Primm. Trying to play a unusual lucky character who likes to blow things up (anyone knows if there are more than 2 explosives recipes ?), just read the latest Wheel of Time book :-)
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