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July 15th, 2011, 20:13
Originally Posted by Twotricks View Post
As another roguelike player.

I must disagree. The complexity of the game is not that far off from the classics.
And there is really lot to do on each level. And many ways to approach everything.

As for variety of monsters.

I am always in favor.
I wasn't complaining about complexity.The complexity of game mechanics is fine. The crafting, all the little sub skills, all the items you find, all of these are fun and up there with other roguelikes. It also has things that other roguelikes could copy, like finding different room types such as an old black smith full of crafting materials.

It's just the pacing that needs work. There are cool things to find on every level, but after a few runs you've found them all and they aren't that excitng any more and you just spend too long on each one. Monster variety would help, and so would more monster special abilties. Monsters are one area that the game has very low complexity on from what I've seen in the first few levels, there aren't that many and they all just run up and hit you. But I think the game really just needs to keep you moving from level to level faster. Even the epic marathon 20+ hour roguelikes like Tome and Adom don't have you spend more then usually about 10 minutes on an individual level, often less.
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