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July 16th, 2011, 14:26
Greetings Watchers

Whilst going through my old bookmarks, I stumbled upon a blog I'd started to write on study break back in 2007 which covered my adventures with the first Divine Divinity game. Reading it again, I came up with the idea of making an 'honour-thread' for all of the various characters across the Watch out there that have conquered the game.

My character from my first and thus far only playthrough:

Veenya-Marie - Amazonian Warrior.
Level 46 Warrior
Vitaity: 948
Magic: 163
Strength: 149
Agility: 71
Intelligence: 9
Constitution: 119
Offense: 59
Damage: 113-186
Defense: 51
Armour: 216
Lightning Resistance: 110
Fire Resistance: 120
Poison Resistance: 25.
Spirit Resistance: 80
Reputation: 27

Although this is approaching spoilerish territory, to make the thread potentially useful to visitors, we could also include the tactics/strategies used to defeat the Circle of 5. I remember the last quarter of the game gave me some difficulty at the time and so I had to constantly experiment.
Taken from my blog entry, my cheese tactic consisted of the following for Josephina and the Amphibian Nightmare (the Demon of Lies…)

1. Allocate remaining stamina potions to F1.
2. Drink Strength potion. Engage Dialogue.
3. After Dialogue finishes, drink Shadows Potion.
4. Charge in and stand just below Josephina.
5. Begin using warrior's special swing without clicking on her.
6. Watch those hitpoints go down! Use F1 where necessary to regain stamina from the swings.

Let's see some more heroes recorded for the ages!

PS: If this isn't the right section for the thread - hopefully a mod can redirect or sticky it accordingly.
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