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July 17th, 2011, 10:53
The Unique Landscapes mods make it much more fun to explore, and add in paths leading to some of the locations which would otherwise be a random door in the middle of nowhere.


There's quite a few body and clothes replacers out there, too, but those will depend on personal taste. Google "Oblivion body replacer comparison" and you'll find a page at UESPWiki that shows the main ones.

As for fixing the gameplay, there's several ways to fix the level spawns, and things like Francesco's levelled items/creatures are highly modular if you don't want to have lots of other random stuff changed too. You can also find smaller mods to address other problems. You can add in spellmaking/enchanting altars, non-guild fences, and other things to get around the "you must join all guilds to play the game" issue. A low cost magic item recharge or Morrowind-style enchantment mod is a must, unless you want to constantly pay a small fortune or micromanage soul gems to keep your flame sword of doom working.

I've never had many problems with loading order, but something like BOSS helps if things go weird.

The mods really saved this game from itself, but even now they can't quite recapture the Morrowind feeling.
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