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July 18th, 2011, 18:32
Obviously the question of length is a subjective one, gentlemen.

I got my money's worth with Origins. With DA2, I simply felt like I'd lived on junk food for a couple of days. It's a short, sugar rush and is easily consumable. Not my preferred diet, to be honest. I like the extra gristle that Origin had - although I can understand if one were to find it 'bloating'.

@ Zaleukos
Maybe they wanted to avoid the elf-healer stereotype and so cut off Merrill's healing skill tree? It also kind of makes sense from a roleplaying/story perspective since she's a blood mage. Personally, I felt that using her and my mage character without healing at all and concentrating on power, made for a formidable combination.
Anyway, have fun with chapter 2…but be prepared for what awaits you in chapter 3.
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