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July 18th, 2011, 22:21
Donations to next level guild airship. We can buy the Windspyre Falcon at guild level 50 (we're not guild level 45). The ship costs 360k plat and we've decided to donate to this ship in the Airship hall in the harbor, close to the airship door.

Jm and I have so far donated 60k platinum each. It would be nice if you also make donations to the next level airship.

The Windspyre Falcon is not so much bigger than the existing Stormglory Bolt, but it will be a prerequisite for the Stormglory Tempest we can get at guild level 55.

Stormglory Bolt. 2 large, 6 small and 4 crew (guild level 25)
Windspyre Falcon 2 large, 8 small and 6 crew (guild level 50)
Stormglory Tempest 4 large, 11 small and 9 crew (guild level 55)
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