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July 18th, 2011, 21:35
This is my proposed changed for our next guild airship: Windspyre Falcon
Proposed new ones marked with blue. Proposed removed ones marked with red. List shows settings at guild level 50.

Crew slots:
* House Jorasco Healer (+10% on received healing)
* House Kundarak Battlemaster (+1 AC, +5 to balance / haggle)
* Clan Gnashtooth Kobold (+1 to all saves, +1 to attack, +1 to AC)
* Navigator level 2 (Allows transport to all areas you've started or completed the explorer quest)
* House Phiarlan Entertainer (+1 to all saves, +1 DC for enchantment/illusion spells)
* Scholar of the Twelve (+1 spell penetration, +1 DC to conjuration/evocation)
* Darguun Hobgoblin Warrior (+4 save vs fear, +2 damage)

Small slots:
* Free Agent Tavern (barkeeper)
* Kundarak Banker (bank)
* Lesser Charisma shrine (+2 cha)
* Lesser strength shrine (+2 str)
* Lesser constitution shrine (+2 con)
* Lesser wisdom shrine (+2 wis)
* Lesser dexterity shrine (+2 dex)
* Lesser intelligence shrine (+2 int)
* Greater acid resistance shrine (+30 acid resist)
* Greater fire resistance shrine (+30 fire resist)

Large slots:
* Experience shrine (+3% XP) upgraded from +2% XP
* Large guild chest (50 slots for items)
* Altar of invasion (possible to craft tier 1 greensteel items)
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