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July 18th, 2011, 23:00
This is my proposed changed for our guild airship following the next: Stormglory Tempest
Proposed new ones marked with blue. Proposed removed ones marked with red. List shows settings at guild level 55. Changs shown from the Windspyre Falcon we get at guild level 50.

Crew slots:
* House Jorasco Healer (+10% on received healing)
* House Kundarak Battlemaster (+1 AC, +5 to balance / haggle)
* Clan Gnashtooth Kobold (+1 to all saves, +1 to attack, +1 to AC)
* Navigator level 2 (Allows transport to all areas you've started or completed the explorer quest)
* House Phiarlan Entertainer (+1 to all saves, +1 DC for enchantment/illusion spells)
* Scholar of the Twelve (+1 spell penetration, +1 DC to conjuration/evocation)
* Darguun Hobgoblin Warrior (+4 save vs fear, +2 damage)
* Training dummy (+2 dmg if you manage to destroy it while at the airship)
* Silver Flame Priest (protection from evil)

Small slots:
* Free Agent Tavern (barkeeper)
* Kundarak Banker (bank)
* Lesser Charisma shrine (+2 cha)
* Lesser strength shrine (+2 str)
* Lesser constitution shrine (+2 con)
* Lesser wisdom shrine (+2 wis)
* Lesser dexterity shrine (+2 dex)
* Lesser intelligence shrine (+2 int)
* Greater acid resistance shrine (+30 acid resist)
* Greater fire resistance shrine (+30 fire resist)
* Greater electricity resistance shrine (+30 elec resist)

Large slots:
* Experience shrine (+3% XP)
* Large guild chest (50 slots for items)
* Altar of Invasion (possible to craft tier 1 greensteel items)
* Altar of Subjugation (possible to craft tier 2 greensteel items)
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