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July 21st, 2011, 15:46
I got your message and I'm gonna try it out now! Thanks a lot for thinking with me!
You can get the dynamic crosshair back in by opening SCHEME.XML in \UI\PC\Planet. Find the line:

<!— Small Crosshairs —>
<Crosshair Name="crosshairPlanet_SmallCrosshairHeavyWeapon" Visible="false" HorizontalAnchor="Stretched" VerticalAnchor="Stretched" Opacity="0.5">

A few lines under there you will see the following:

;<OnCustom EventName="LogicalSize_Changed">
;SetStaticProperty(curWidget,"./[email protected]",GetDynamicProperty(curWidge t,"LogicalSize")*130);

Simply remove the three ; and it should be back!

It works perfectly. The motion blur is gone! I put two screenshots together with and without the modifciation and there's no difference, so all the other effects are still working (including DOF)! Good work!

Now for the ultimate challenge! I've been driving myself crazy over this. Like I told in my previous post, I would love to see a permanent DOF-effect to blur distant scenery. But the DOF-effect only gets applied when you're reloading, healing or in a dialog with someone. If you, or anybody else could find a way to make this effect permanent you would totally make my week - hell, my holiday! It sound so easy, but I've been messing around with HDR.TXT for a day, but no success. I officially gave up.
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