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July 21st, 2011, 16:52
So my tweak works perfectly! Great! Ok this means that it's time to write down this very simple tweak for evenyone.

So if you want the best graphic settings but you hate the Motion Blur you simply have to change one single word in the HDR.TXT file to get rid of it.

Just download the original unmodified HDR.TXT from this post:
Place the HDR.TXT file inside a folder called POSTPROCESS located in the same folder of the xenus.exe (create the folder by yourself if not present) and open it with notepad or other text editor (since it's a simple txt).
Then find the word MotionBlur in the Motion Blur section of the text and replace it simply with the word copy so it will look like this

; Motion Blur
TEMP1 TEMP4 none none temp2 copy 0
TEMP2 NONE NONE NONE temp4 copy 0

instead of the default

; Motion Blur
TEMP1 TEMP4 none none temp2 MotionBlur 0
TEMP2 NONE NONE NONE temp4 copy 0

Now save and close the file. Open the game and enjoy that the motionblur is gone.

Burning Fish: I started looking for your request, but it's definately not easy! I still have several solutions to try but if I were in you I wouldn't expect anything, it seems that someone more experienced is needed here…
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