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July 21st, 2011, 18:42
Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
Hey I finished it last night!

I made level 29, with 50 unspent LPs. How about you?

I REALLY liked RISEN for
- open world exploration and design
- atmosphere
- combat controls (yes, a bit actioney)
- interesting NPCs and AI
- monster AI and variety
- some puzzles (more complexity here would have been better)
- teleport stones
- quest design

I didn't like
- character development system was sort of weak for mages. Access to seal magic wasn't much of a distinction
- repetitive dungeon crawls for the Titan armor pieces
- little choice and consequences, except for picking your profession
- not many roleplaying opportunities
Being knocked out at level 2 and forced to follow one quest line and class for the rest of the game isn't consequence? Unless that's what you meant by profession. Though most agree joining the order by force isn't the way to go for the best run through, I think it was a really cool idea that made getting on the order's bad side have real and tangible consequences.

I also like choosing between the order and bandits (though im going for mage my first time around), but I'm still in Chapter 1.

For the record, I play on the 360.
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