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July 22nd, 2011, 01:40
Heh - well, originally it came from the idea of a complete misfit bunch of adventurers - a dainty warrior, a space-cadet wizard, a rogue who doesn't sneak, and a cleric who didn't have the traditional cleric arsenal of serious healing & anti-undead spells.

That situation still exists in their personalities and dialogs, though naturally the player is fully able set the stats of the characters however they want.

And only three would need to be casters - you can always give Chloe priest spells as well as her natural sorcery abilities. It's actually a pretty decent mix, as a lot of the spellcasting feats are appropriate for all spells. The problem is the same as that with anybody else doubling up on abilities - they need to split their focus (and character points). Do you wear some +Charm gear to improve your priestly spellcasting, or +Brains gear to improve your sorcery? Etc.
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