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July 22nd, 2011, 22:50
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
This is really quite odd. I turned the view distance down to 4 cells, turned off all shaders, and turned off all relections and water effects, and I was still only getting around 20fps. I'm starting to think this program just doesn't like my system.

I wonder if this is a Windows 7 64 issue. I probably should have installed it on my WinXP partition. I'm tempted to do that so I can see the difference, but I really don't want to go through that install process again.
JDR13, I have an i5, not even an i7, and Morrowind was running pretty nicely for me while using the extended graphics extender - MGE XE (on top of the MGE) installed into Win 7 64 bit. There is a certain very specific optimal setting between the fog multiplier factor and the distant objects setting..- I can't remember the values off the top of my my head - will check it for you to try if you're interested.

But why don't you try the MGE XE anyway? I won't say it doesn't tax my system to it's fullest - it does, but I don't seem to have a significant FPS hit, and my Morrowind is looking exquisite. (With Vurt's 2nd series of foliage/grass/trees replacers, and of course the obligatory heads and bodies mods, plus a few other texture and object overhauls .)

Yes, why don't we get a TES forum - I was going to barble on about Witcher 1 and Witcher 2 but got distracted with this Morrowind talk now - don't know why Morrowind is even being compared to; - the Witcher games aren't even sandbox games…

Oh, PS. I almost forgot - earlier in the thread Deep-O mentioned a bunch of seperate wildlife mods - these are all pulled together in a mod called "The Wild", except, I think for the Water Life mod, which is actually almost a nicer mod. Well, some of the "Wild" creatures don't really fit into the world too well, I found, whereas the creatures in the waterlife mod fits into the world seamlessly.
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