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July 23rd, 2011, 10:50
I doubt there is seventy books to read. And they are mostly all translated into french for what I could check.

The point is that TW series comes as a series with one episode following the other.
The introduction of the universe is done in the first witcher. People complaining about the lack of introduction in TW2 should assess the first episode to grade if the TW series does or does not a good job. Because it is where that job is done.

I have not read any TW book. I just played TW2 right after TW1. Largely enough to understand the big picture.

If you write a series, stuff cannot be done if you write only stand alone episodes.

If every episode, you need to remind what has gone up so far, it forcefully eats on the story exclusively told in each episode.

A choice here to be made, either a series which requires a chronological reading of the episodes with deeper storyline or stand alone episodes series which a lot of retelling.
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