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Default Combat roll-away…?

July 24th, 2011, 01:12
Speaking of difficulty (or bad design)…perhaps I have missed some trick, but it seems if you are every backed into a small space and surrounded by enemies you're toast. I'm sure the Witcher1 allowed you to leap/roll past any enemy. Which would be sensible given your superhuman athleticism. I'm fighting a bunch of harpies in a very narrow cave system, and I'm starting to get irritated - its almost impossible not to be backed into a small space. Can you get away? Is there something I have missed? I don't mind taking damage escaping but I think you should be able to dodge away - esp against creatures that are flying…grrrrrrr!

Edit: playing with patch 1.3 - I don't notice my controls as being any more responsive (mouse + keyboard).
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