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July 24th, 2011, 01:35
I can understand that. Respawning makes tactical positioning a joke. It is one reason that I only play on normal. Fighting one-wave battles is significantly easier than the DAO battles, but the respawners out of nowhere mess things up.

Now I got to the duel with the Arishok and closed the game after 6 minutes of pounding, 10 health potions, and getting him down to something like 85% health. This duel has to be the dullest boss battle ever if you play as a 2H warrior. I have two or three attacks that are meaningful against him, and he has two fairly avoidable attacks in addition to the normal damage he dishes out.

Lesson for RPG devs: A battle without tactical options doesnt become more interesting because the enemy has 15000 hitpoints.

Environment recycling made me chuckle when one of the NPCs said "we've been here before". No shit sherlock…
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