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July 24th, 2011, 07:46
yeah, that's the reason that the final act had me rushing thru not doing any sidequests. It was more of the same enemies in the same locales - it was almost insulting after a while and just flat out boring. You know, I think the waves could have been done occasionally and believeably - make more enemies come over the hill, or have a caster summon them, or come in thru a previously locked dooor or something.. but to just have them suddenly appear all around you in a closed room or parachute thru a solid ceiling is just cheap and inexcusable for a top-ranking developer to do.

I enjoyed the boss battles, the Arishok included. While he was indeed a tough opponent, and he did own me pretty hard the first two times I fought him, I got him on the third try. Good old-fashioned kiting around the columns, getting some distance then sitting still so he'd charge - then move and shank him in the ribs. Also, I found that fire grenades would stun him for a few, giving me some nice attacks of opportunity. I was playing a rogue however, and she had some pretty heavy-handed crits and evasion tactics that probably made that difficult fight a tad more tolerable for me.
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