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July 24th, 2011, 12:46
As the game progressed, I found bombs and signs becoming less and less responsive, which was a great pain if you'd invested in those. I'd like to see if this latest patch has improved sign and bomb responsiveness, since that was a huge irritation for me.

In any case, in my first playthrough, this forced me to concentrate on swordsmanship, and I have found one advantage of being backed into a corner could be that only one enemy attacks at a time, and if you mash your fast and slow attacks (RMB, LMB, RMB, LMB) fast enough in succession, (but never blocking) you can often manage to "break" or interrupt that one enemy's attacks for him never to get a blow in (Of course this won't work if you're surrounded).

Luckily by the time I was fighting the Queen harpy, (Ioverth's path) I had so much health (partly upgraded and partly from using mutagens in my skill tree) and I had such good armor, and armor + weapon enhancements that those harpies up there weren't that much of a problem anymore.

EDIT: Btw, importing a Witcher 1 save with a superior sword and armor HUGELY skews the difficulty. It makes the game much, much easier at the start. Importing a game can have you start off with equipment that you'll only realistically be able to get well into act 2 of the game.

Perhaps this is why the start feels hard to some players - it is much harder if you start without importing a W1 save first.
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