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July 24th, 2011, 17:37
I think CDProjektRed is extremely talented team but are focusing on the wrong things. It could be they're just being forced to revive Geralt by Sapkowski and have no choice. It doesn't seem to be public knowledge, at least in English.

They should have left Geralt dead. It's the world that's amazing and full of potential, not Geralt. It's a world that could have competed, could have possibly surpassed D&D. New blood, if you will. Now it's just weighted down, with Sapkowski's decision to bring him back to life. Now we're all forced to be Geralt, instead of making/creating/expanding the world with our choices and our ideas.

Newly created PC characters making the same decisions and learning about the legend of Geralt would have been so much more fulfilling, educational and satisfying to gamers new to the world.

Another thing I just can't get over is why are we forced, no it's more contrived to choose between two? What the hell, why put such limitations. If I see two people who are about to fight to the death, sure I might want to stop them but with out knowing anything about these people, why f* would I help one of them kill the other? Oh joy I get to choose between psychotic and psychopath. wtf.

Don't even get me started on how they handled the women in the world of the first game. The totally bs choices in the 3rd chapter was just one glaring example.
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