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July 25th, 2011, 13:08
Yes, this is actually one of the drawbacks that TDE lore isn't translated into the English language yet.

The story is about the FAll Of Tie'Shianna, one of the Elemental Towns, which had been kind of "keepers" (or so I understood it) over "Elemental Keys". One who gets such a "key", has the total and absolute contriol over this element in the whole world !

And the Nameless God wants this key. So he lets Tie'Sianna attacked by his minions.

The Elves living there are an example of the Elven High Culture - which has vanished completely after the Fall of all of the known Elemental Towns.

The fall of the Elves were SO complete they are "nowadays" only like the Elves you see around the curing of Ardo in Drakensang 2. The are wood-dwellers, nowadays, or live near rivers, in rare cases even in the Tundra, and a tiny group (which is probably gone by now) lived in a desert.

So, hat you basically see there is the Fall of an High Civilization because of its delusions of grandeur and inaptness to adapt to *real* threats.

This Elemental Town called Tie'Shianna you visit in the game is nowadays kept within a "Globule", in whih time and space have been frozen - like in the movie "Groundhog Day", all who live there live the same attack on the town again and again and again nd again and again … The Elves were so mighty, then, that they were able tp preserve the whole town like that - and thus keep her from falling completely. Now, it is separated from the whole world through time & space.

And Philleasson had been there before (pen & paper campaign : "The Philleasson Saga"), and now he comes back, to rescue someone from there.

And the heroes follow him.
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