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July 25th, 2011, 14:48
I'm probably about halfway through chapter three now.

I've had fun with most other boss battles.

Refusing the duel gave a much easier battle where the bloody Arishok seemed to have a good deal fewer HP. My problem with the battle wasnt so much difficulty as sheer attrition. He would have worm me out after 15 minutes or so unless he ran out of potions before that.

I agree that the waves could have worked as an occasional ingredient, but as things stand they break the suspension of disbelief, not to mention that they in the cases of more difficult battles make one resort to extremely cheesy kiting (the Xe-sth desire demon battle springs to mind).

Had the respawning and recycling been removed I'd say DA2 is at least as good as the predecessor and well up to Bioware standards, but due to those flaws it ends up as a B game.

There are a few other gripes with the game, but those are integral parts of the Bioware formula. The predictability of companion quests is a bit dull. All BW games have this but DA2 is together with NWN and ME2 among the most blatant offenders. I'd also prefer some mutually exclusive choices where I dont have the entire group tag along. Neither of those issues are likely to disappear in future Bioware titles though…
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