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July 25th, 2011, 14:32
Originally Posted by booboo View Post
After a few attempts, I beat the harpies quite easily - made liberal use of bombs and ensured that I managed to keep distance between myself and them. I still think, though, that Geralt should be able to tumble beneath them, given that they are flying creatures and attack from the air.

As for the Kayran….hm. I defeated it several times but didn't know what to do when it was badly wounded and flailing about. They could have put in more obvious clues …which I beleive they have done now?
Not really - I was quite lost, and really annoyed - I thought I had finally beat the thing and stood to admire the ruin, when suddenly I get pelted with bits of bridge and die again. Gah! At that point I consulted a walkthrough….
I hate Boss fights.
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