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July 26th, 2011, 00:57
After resisting Steam for years except for games by Valve, I have finally bought into it - I just couldn't resist the sales for the last couple years. I have yet to ever buy something on there at full price. I would prefer no DRM like Good Old Games, but it's hard to get the publishers to agree to that, and Steam has been one of the least intrusive. I got the original Risen from there, which had both Steamworks and limited activations, so I am glad that Risen 2 will do away with the limited activations.

I really just have 2 problems with Steam:
* Email support only which may take days during busy times or weekends to respond. The company had sales of over $1 Billion last year, they could put some of that into live support

* Offline mode is problematic and not always reliable. I have had it refuse to go into offline mode until I connect to the Internet then go into offline mode while connected. The time that I would require offline mode is when the Internet was not available for me. Even when things were working properly in offline mode, I have had it refuse to work out of the blue until I reconnect then go into offline mode again.
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