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July 26th, 2011, 01:17
Originally Posted by Sin View Post
Option 1
Register with Steam, activate game, enter offline mode, never use Steam again apart from as an easy updater for patches when you know they are available, enjoy playing Risen 2.

Option 2
Refuse to use Steam, put on sad face, get laughed at by Steam users, don't play Risen 2.

I know which I'll be choosing. I really don't understand people who refuse to use Steam.
Option 3
Buy the disc version of the game. But also download and install the pirated and cracked version of the game which is cleansed all of these ridiculous programs. Play without the malware program that called the steamclient or whatever.

This option was the case for me in Fallout New Vegas and Dungeon Siege 3. And of course will be the case for me in Risen 2 it seems. Why do I have to install third party programs into my computer to play games? Why do they put steam into disc versions that compels the player installing a digital purchase service program. What's the point of the disc then?

Steam protection, is it any good? Show me one game protected with steam that couldn't be cracked at day one. So why bother? Just follow the example of Cd Project with Witcher 2. Trust your customer and customer will trust you.

Formerly there was starforce, now there is steam. I wonder what will be next?
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