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July 26th, 2011, 02:50
Originally Posted by Drithius View Post
It used to be hip to hate on Steam; nowadays, it's a stale issue and I just don't see why people are drawing a line in the sand over it.
I don't like steam for some of the reasons already mentioned in this thread. But the biggest reason I don't like steam is this:

Customer service is aweful and SLOW - no way to directly contact the company by phone to quickly resolve issues. From what I know, steam is doing pretty well. But that they have gotten away with the kind of customer service implementation that they have for as long as they have, it's doubtful it will ever change and I find it to be shoddy and personally frustrating.

But my disklike for steam isn't deep enough to prevent me from buying a game like Risen 2 if it will be attached to the Steam service. My dislike for Steam is less than my love for Risen and the hope Risen 2 will be even better.

I can say however that I have not purchased a number of games because they are attached to steam but I guess I'm in the minority as steam happily plugs along anyway.
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