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July 26th, 2011, 03:02
Originally Posted by Gokyabgu View Post
Steam protection, is it any good? Show me one game protected with steam that couldn't be cracked at day one. So why bother? Just follow the example of Cd Project with Witcher 2. Trust your customer and customer will trust you.
I doubt any company thinks Steamworks will stop piracy. It's flat-out ridiculous to even suggest such a thing. What it does do however is give you a platform with sales-driving features like achievements, auto-patching and in-game community features. It also gives you a free and easy way to sell DLC and other add-ons. Also if you want it to it handles leaderboard and multiplayer support, again for free.

It's a very persuasive offer for companies that do not want to make their own platform (EA) or have no need of any of it (most indies).
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